Gelephu police arrest one in forgery case

Police in Gelephu have arrested a 31-year-old man for forging construction related documents in connection with two Sarpang dzongkhag construction tenders.

On 2 September, an official from the Sarpang dzongkhag complained to Gelephu police that two private construction companies had submitted forged ‘performance demand bank guarantee’ and ‘bank guarantee for mobilization advance’ documents.

Construction work of Floodway at Shetikhari, Gelephu, and construction of access roads to Phulari Goenpa, Gelephu, had been awarded to the two private companies in January and April this year by the Sarpang dzongkhag administration.

Investigations, however, revealed that the two companies were unaware of the forged documents. The police statements of the proprietors of the two private companies stated that the suspect has made the document on behalf of the firms after mortgaging his properties and on the two companies paying Nu 578,000 as a commission and two percent fees to him.

According to police, the suspect confessed to have stolen the BDBL (Bhutan Development Bank Limited) letterhead paper from the BDBL office in Thimphu and made a duplicate BDBL seal from across the border to forge the bank guarantee and advance documents.

He also confessed to have received Nu 578,000 and also to having forged the documents. The suspect is under detention for further investigation.

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