Gelephu Thromde finishes maintenance, plans new roads in the town

The Gelephu Town
The Gelephu Town

The Gelephu Thromde completed maintenance works on its roads in the town. The municipality under the road division mainly focused on the pot holes, black topping existing roads and resurfacing roads in the core areas.

The Thromde signed a contract with M/s Daniyal construction in Sarpang in 28 November, 2012 with the budget of Nu 18, 38,176.50, M/s U-Wang construction in Gelephu in 13 November, 2012 with the budget of Nu 25, 97,844.58 and M/s Druk Yargay Dolma construction in Zhemgang in 10 February 2012 with the budget allocated of Nu 25, 28,555.28. The budget for the works was allocated by the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB).

As per the engineers of the Thromde aggregates, sands and bitumen were used on the blemished roads to make them strong.

The Deputy Executive Engineer under the roads and drainage division Tika Ram Khafley said “In the 11th Five Year Plan we look forward to new constructions of infrastructures within the town by constructing many new roads.”

Gelephu being a plain area, earlier roads were constructed at ground level but now, plans are to raise the underground roads.

“We have also proposed the government for the budget and if approved by the Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) then we plan to construct 26 kilometers of roads in the town area which will consist of three main levels namely the primary level (the main line), secondary level (the branch) and tertiary level (further plans for all the roads),” said Tika Ram.

The Thromde plans to prioritize the areas where connectivity is most necessary.


Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu


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