German couple detained in Phuentsholing hospital to rule out COVID-19 do not have any fever

In relation to the observation of two German tourists at Phuentsholing hospital for suspected cases of COVID-19, the Chief Medical Officer of the Phuentsholing Hospital, Dr Thinley Pelzang said that despite repeated tests the German couple did not show any fever.

Earlier, at the border crossing, the lady had shown some high temperature but repeated tests on the couple in the hospital did not show any fever or other symptoms.
The CMO said the higher temperature in the lady maybe due to the heat of the plains.

As a result, the Indian driver and agent who dropped the two tourists till the border from Sikkim and the Bhutanese driver and agent have been let go.

However, to be safe, samples from the couple have been sent for tests to Thimphu and a report is expected soon.

The German couple will be released if the test also comes negative.


Update: The German couple in Phuentsholing tested negative for COVID-19

German couple in Phuentsholing test negative for COVID-19

Image: Phuentsholing Hospital (Courtesy Phuentsholing Hospital Facebook page) 

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