Gesarling Central School installs CCTV cameras

The Gesarling Central School has brought significant improvement to schooling in the district of Dagana in terms of creating a learning environment through better facilities and access to materials, which has improved academic performance according to the school authorities.

“Our main aim and objective is to improve the performance of our students not only in studies but also in sports, literature and other co-curricular activities,” said School Principal Tashi Wangdi. “The students studying in urban areas are found to be more confident and exposed because of facilities and educated parents so the school is trying to provide every facility to enhance learning and exposure.”

Academic performance according to school records has gone up by 40% with most students fetching grades above average. This could be the result of extended study hours according to the principal.

The school also installed CCTV cameras in September in the school compound and around the administration block to monitor behavioral practice of students.

Every class is equipped with projectors to provide versatile learning and a school has a installed a generator to serve as a back up to frequent power fluctuations.

The school also purchased a school bus and constructed a multipurpose hall to be used as a dining hall and for cultural events. The school is also building a volleyball ground and extending the football ground to enhance co-curricular activities.

The school is located 25 kms from the Dagapela township and near the incomplete Dagapela- Lhamoizingkha highway.

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