GNH interpreted ineffectively by ‘certain individuals’ – DCT president

LILLYDuring the Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) campaign in Samtse, the DCT president said the meaning of the noble philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) has been interpreted in academic manner, and without a practical relevance to the people.

“Gross National Happiness is a noble philosophy propagated by the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, and the essence of this farsighted vision is that every people of Bhutan should be happy,” Lily Wangchhuk told the gathering. “Before we try to sell GNH outside, it is important for us to address fundamental problems faced by our people like providing safe drinking water, food, quality education and health service among others.”

She said that if Bhutan is, indeed to realize GNH, the first step is to meet the basic needs of lower and middle-income groups. “We cannot be happy when people don’t have enough food to eat and a decent roof over their heads,” said Lily Wangchhuk. “We must create the right conditions for the people to pursue happiness first. And that’s what our approach is going to be,” she added.

Lily Wangchhuk said that every citizen must enjoy equal rights and have access to equal opportunities, notwithstanding their background, faith, gender and age. “We are committed to providing these opportunities for all. Every citizen must enjoy the dignity, respect and honor to live a healthy and happy life,” she said, adding that her party gives the utmost importance to social justice.

DCT president Lily Wangchhuk also reiterated that so long as there is a difference between rich and poor, haves and have-nots, and imbalance in socio-economic development between people and regions within the country, GNH remains a farfetched dream.

The people in Samtse were informed that DCT will add concerted effort to achieving His Majesty’s vision of GNH. “We don’t want to go with a begging bowl asking for aid and assistance. We aspire to create self-reliant economy. We want to create conditions where our own people can generate wealth and jobs for ourselves,” the DCT president said.

Touching on the census issue faced by people in the south, Lily Wangchhuk said there was an earnest need to resolve the issue for good. “We cannot ignore this issue since it affects the lives of many people. Our party will review and take positive steps to address this problem,” she said. “As a GNH nation, it is our responsibility to ensure that there is no discrimination and that everyone enjoys dignity and respect in the country,” she added.

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  1. Wonderful and this is one of the tenets needed to address the issues

  2. I salute you Ma’am Lily. You deserve to be the next PM!.. You r the most capable president amongst all. Bhutan would definitely regain its The Last -Shangrila status of the world if you happen to come to power.
    You are from a decent background so you understand the grass-root- problems. There won’t be GNH if the social issues, poverty and shelters for the people are not solved. People would vote to the party such as yours who genuinely plan to solve the Census problems faced by our brothers and sisters!
    Let’s vote for DCT so as to see a positive change and a better Bhutan tomorrow!.

  3. I do believe that she is more capable than DNP president to become the next PM of Bhutan. The only problem DCT has is that they don’t have other members who are as competent as she is. If people vote for her party, i have no say to it. I would be happy to accept without any hesitation. Personally, i will not vote for her party this time because PDP and DNT are more capable at this time.

    • GNH is vision or mission rather mere philosophy. What Lily said is true at reality and that’s why all these 10 times five years plan and political commitments to be made. As of today as far as I know, none of the individuals including our Great Kings declared Bhutan has achieve GNH. All preachers of GNH or passionate of GNH never said Bhutan is Master of GNH. They only said Bhutan follow GNH oriented development philosophy, which in itself has justified GNH as one of the better alternative development philosophy compared to GDP model philosophy. So every individual should be careful and mindful what GNH is, rather than misleading the approach and applicability.

  4. If DCT goes through the primaries,Lily must do complete overhauling of candidates to earn the ruling mandate.Her promises are achievable and suit the need of the people unlike that of PDP.She has touched all pressing issues being swallowd by weaker and downtrodden sections of the society.I am keeping my fingers crossed on result of PE.”Do not under estimate a river by the volume of water it contains”

  5. Things are easier said than done.

  6. She will be the good PM. Hope she will be go through primary round.

  7. BootanSon, Karma and Chundu,

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. Do some background check on her before making a public endorsement. You are entitled to make your statements. Ask anyone in MFA or UNDP

  8. The so called manifestos of other political parties are like prepared hotel menu whereas DCT one is more relevant to the voters. For all these years we have wasted time and energy preaching GNH where it is bushing around with few individiuals who themselves have not attained GNH because of their greed for fame, rich, power etc. We should look for genuine political party like DCT who should be engaged just to set right conditions for GNH. GNH will never germinate unless we are contended with whatever we have. Pl keep us DCT and we will definately support you as and when you are backed up by more credible candidates.

    • So far none of the other three political party presidents have touched on issues pertaining to Sports development in Bhutan except Lily Wangchuk during their campaign tours. This is one basic initiative required if the Youths of today are to be meaningfully engaged and a major chunk of youth unemployment problem could be resolved. No Govt. so far has been successful in developing or to create sports facilities for the Bhuanese youth.
      As the President of DCT had mentioned earlier, she definitely has a pool of credible candidates capable of forming the Govt. if public mandate is given. So who knows what happens  at the Promary Round of GE.

  9. Lily — u should practice what you preach. In all your speeches you talk of humility but even before you are elected, look at chair that you sit. In all your forums, you have enjoyed sitting on a chair with a special cover, etc. If your become the next PM, I am sure your ego will match that of JYT

  10. Common guys! Be serious! Who else in DCT can take us forward. Governing a country, whether small or big is not a joke. We are a tiny dot between two giants and I do not have my faith in the hands of very, very young leaders, at least now.

  11. Easier said that done. No loans, reduced taxes and many plans to be achieved. Helicopters, salary increase, power tillers, roads, loans to students, house rents, tax holiday ……… and on and on.
    Unless some magic is performed, achievements without money is not possible. Let us see if those who claim to serve the people do away with the vehicle quota of Nu.700,000 in the first Parliament meeting. Otherwise no use with “shamu kam”.

  12. Guys, just wait and see… DCT will come out with flying colours in the Primary round.
    By now people must realize and understand that we have to go for change, if you want to improve public service delivery , equality & justice, promote voice for the voiceless…

    Go for DCT and experience the CHARM of HAPPINESS!

  13. Heart core DPT

    Hope Druk Chechay Tshogpa makes through to form a government. My prediction is let all 26-29 age group candidates win and few experience and elder candidates loss… then country in to………………….????

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