Gosarling NC nominee promises three Bills

Gosarling gewog in Tsirang Dzongkhag nominated Novin Darlami as their National Council (NC) Nominee on 18 March.

The gewog’s nominee credits hard work in preparation for NC by reading books on politics, legal and economic systems and voting rights which paid off with 187  ‘Yes’ votes  against 123 ‘No’ votes.

Novin, 27 has a Masters in Business Administration from Indian Academy in Bangalore.

He said if he happens to win the election his first duty is to come up with a National Planning Bill, Unemployment Bill and Rural Development Bill.

He believes that there is a loophole in the policy that tries to achieve social equitable development and balanced development. Therefore his top priority is to come up with National Planning Bill and facilitate the Members of Parliament to address the related issues.

The NC aspirant said the government with commencement of Democracy is all about politics. “Therefore bills like National Planning would obligate government to work in accordance with the act, if it happens to become an act,” he added.

The said bill, according to him would define the strategic vision of the country and can predict how the nation will be or what is to be done as a backup plan for the next generation.

“Indeed it will provide guidelines for standardizing the planning system,” said Novin.

Since Youth unemployment is the main challenge for the nation this NC nominee from Tsirang is highly keen to table the Unemployment Bill. He said the current Unemployment rate is 2.1% but the scenario in the job market is not different from before.

“Youth are still looking for job and most of them take refuge in drugs, crimes and other mischief,” he said. He said this bill if endorsed would plan for this prolonged issue and provide a platform on what is to be done to curb the issue.

Though he belongs to a business background and stays in Wangduephodrang, his frequent visit to his constituency urged him to come up with the Rural Development Bill. He came up with the idea of such a Bill after eight months of research and study.

“Today development is mostly urban-centric and majority of the urban towns are turning out to be economic hubs leaving remote or rural regions backward and in a dormant state of development,” he said.

Asked about his plans to develop his constituency, he said “I cannot limit myself to Tsirang only as a NC aspirant. It is beyond the constituency and I will look into the whole Nation from a visionary aspect.”

Among others goals, the NC aspirant hopes to promote and safeguard the rights and freedom of the people through free and fair democratic governance, to represent the voice of Tsirang and address the land issues, human-wildlife conflict. “And census problem though it’s getting solved with time,” Novin said.

Apart from helping people with existing issues he wants to help people promote ‘green and agriculture marketing and build Tsirang as a green district. Which, he said is feasible and can also combat future Rupee crisis.

Another feasible development activity people in Tsirang see is a Tourist destination. Therefore the NC aspirant wants to be ‘people’s helping hand’ since the dzongkhag doesn’t have proper infrastructure.

Further “promoting low impact eco-tourism, culture-based tourism and nature-based tourism would be my motive,” he said.

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  1. Flaming thunderbolt

    We have sufficient bills, laws and policies in place – we don’t need it anymore. talk something practical – we need effective and rigorous implementation of laws like Tenancy Act – tell use how you are going to implement some of these redundant laws!

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