Government approves Master in Primary Education Degree from 2021 Academic Year

Paro college of Education (CoE) will launch the Master in Primary Education (English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies) in the new academic year 2021. The Ministry will send 40 primary school teachers, 10 each in the above subjects to avail this programme. The programme is for 2 years. After completing their studies, these teachers will be placed in primary schools to teach the primary level children. 

Since the foundation of learning is laid in the primary level, the Ministry deems it necessary to enhance the content knowledge and skills of the primary teachers. This would also motivate the teachers to teach in primary levels.

For the regular candidates (full time) training is offered at Samtse CoE, Paro CoE and Yonphula Centenary College. The main objective of the programmes is to enhance the content and pedagogical knowledge of teachers, and upgrade their qualification through Master of Education in Leadership and Management, Master of Education in Dzongkha, B.Ed. in Primary Education, MA in English, M.Ed in English, M.Ed in Science and Mathematics and M.Ed Inclusive Education. 

All long-term trainings are supported by RGoB on an annual basis.  Candidates are paid stipend during the residential programme.

The B.Ed. Primary mixed mode was offered to the in service teachers since 1995 and 2020 will be the last intake.

Chief Program Officer of Teacher Professional Development Program (TPSD), Tashi Lhamo said the ministry is targeting teachers who have done their B.Ed. Primary and who teach in Primary schools that is PP to VI.  Earlier teachers who had the qualification of X had to undergo four years of B.Ed Primary through mixed mode which includes distance learning. These teachers only go to college during their winter vacation and summer vacation. Assignments were given online.

However, this year will be the last enrolment for the B.Ed. primary education through mixed mode. While for the secondary teachers, they are sent to Samtse College of Education where teachers do their Masters.

The ministry will shortlist the candidates and Paro College of Education will do the online interview. Many teachers are coming forward to take up this opportunity.

She said the education ministry has always accorded high priority on teacher development which has direct bearing on learning outcomes of the children. Therefore, Long Term Training (LTT) is facilitated to teachers annually through mixed-mode and regular programmes. The mixed-mode programme is offered during winter vacation at Paro CoE and Sherubtse College. This is done so that teachers do not miss their teaching during the academic year.

At present, 8 LTT programmes are offered (3 mixed-mode programmes and 5 full time). A total of 576 teachers (including Principals and Vice Principals) are enrolled for various LTT at various colleges under RUB. In future there will be PhD in Primary Education.

Education Minister J.B Rai said the more focus and investment was given to secondary and higher classes education so far. And the government has been investing very negligible amount for ECCDs, Pre-primary and Primary education.

The Minister said the output of the secondary and higher classes’ education depends on the formative age and formative education of the children. Now the government will focus and invest more on ECCDs and Pre-primary education, because the behavior, attitude and aptitude of the children will all form at this point of time.

“No matter how good the curriculum is or the schools, the main game changer are the teachers. If teachers are not aware about the child psychology or cannot handle child in a formative age, the things might go in a wrong direction which is why the government is looking to provide the better trainings and programs for the primary educationists in the country,” said Lyonpo.

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