Government forwards evidences and charges against three secretaries to RCSC

With its two week time period given by the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) over, the cabinet recently forwarded the evidences and list of charges against the three secretaries to the RCSC.

According to a reliable source, the cabinet, in addition to its own homework, had the Office of the Attorney General go through and frame all the charges.

The three secretaries have been charged with insubordination, breach of trust and withholding information.

Various sections of the Civil Service Act, Bhutan Civil Service Rules (BCSR) and also the Constitution have been used and pointed out to charge the three secretaries.

The secretaries would also be charged with violating the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) as the ToR states that the CoS has to keep the Cabinet informed.

Despite repeated requests the government declined to share the detailed charge sheet, particular sections and evidences against secretaries.

However, the letter written to the Indian Ambassador who represents the Government of India in Bhutan is expected to be the main evidence.

The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs Secretary and Foreign Secretary had been surrendered by the government to the RCSC in December 2014 mainly for not taking the government’s permission to write a strongly worded letter to the Indian government on corruption allegations in the BHEL and BVT case.

The letter had been written on behalf of the Royal Government of Bhutan without the RGoB’s clearance.


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