Govt asks Thromde to postpone decision on closing Norzin Lam

The Prime Minister said that based on public feedback and appeal by shop keepers and house owners, the government has instructed Thimphu Thromde to defer any decision on Norzin Lam till the government reviews the Thimphu structural plan.

Lyonchhen said that he was happy to hear that Thimphu Thromde on its own has decided to postpone their decision to Norzin Lam to vehicular traffic till their next council meeting in June.

The PM said that structural plan, based on which Thimphu Thromde decided to close Norzin Lam, was approved by the cabinet in 2002, more than a decade ago.

“During that time, the number of shops and volume of business has increased manifold, as has vehicle traffic in all of Thimphu,” he added.

Lyonchhen said the government has decided to review the structural plan to ensure that any closure of Thimphu’s main road now would not cause our residents more harm and inconvenience than overall good.

It has been learnt that the shopkeepers had written to the Prime Minister appealing to him on the

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