Govt awaits nationwide biometric data for Digital ID to be rolled out

Although the scheduled pilot project for biometric data collection was over by 23 April but due to the current COVID-19 situation in the country, and growing concerns in the south, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) deferred the nationwide rollout to begin, after the second dose of the vaccination to ensure minimal risks to the public.

The pilot project to collect biometrics was conducted from 6 April to 23 April and so far the team has collected biometric information of more than 17,500 individuals.

Meanwhile, the MoIC Minister Karma Donnen Wangdi said despite the pandemic individuals can expect better online services by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

Lyonpo said, “We’re talking about a brand-new technology that many countries lack. Only a few countries have, and we are just getting started. To do so, we must first make something ourselves rather than buying something manufactured by someone else, and in the IT industry, maintenance is a significant concern. As a result, we’re attempting to build it in-house.”

Lyonpo added that if the country hires professionals, train the locals on how to build it, and ensure its security, the country will be able to achieve the goals.

“Digital ID will serve as your primary key to your home. Thus, we must make it as safe as possible for all Bhutanese citizens. Therefore, that will be the foundation upon which the other system will be built,” Lyonpo added.

Digital Identity (ID) is one of the main projects under the Nu 2.557 bn Digital Drukyul Flagship Program. 

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