Govt recommits to Child Rights

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Child, which was celebrated on November 20, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering signed the voluntary global pledge, renewing the government’s commitment to the full implementation of the Convention.

The signing of the global pledge expresses the government’s renewed commitment to the wellbeing of children of Bhutan. Bhutan was among the first countries to sign the Convention on June 4, 1990 and ratify it on August 1 the same year. The nation marks its 30th Anniversary of the Convention next year.

Lyonchhen said Bhutan had signed the convention without any reservations then and remains committed to the wellbeing of children.

At the celebration, guests and children lit butter lamps and saw the relaunching of the Child Mandala, the vision the guides the efforts of all duty bearers made towards the wellbeing and happiness of children.

Chief Guest, Education Minister J B Rai said the day celebrates children, the nation’s present, the future and hope. “Bhutan has always place children at the heart of its development process and so it was among the first countries to ratify the Convention in August 1990,” lyonpo said. “The Government remains committed that the children of Bhutan are cared for and nurtured in all stages of their lives.”

A documentary, 30 years of Child Rights, the Bhutan story was also screened, encapsulating the changes Bhutan and its partners made to the lives of children since the CRC was signed and ratified.

Immunisation and introduction of vaccines, improvement of sanitation facilities, empowering women through non-formal education, introducing early childhood care and development programmes, development of Bhutan sign language and the enactment of childcare and protection Act are some of the major achievements the country has made.

National Commission for Women and Children’s Director Kunzang Lhamu said

“Recognising that one of the chronic problems in efforts to implement the CRC in an effective manner is the lack of data on the nature and magnitude of the problems children are facing, the government developed the Central Management Information System as an online case management system and a central repository of information on women and children needing care and support,” she said.

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