Govt says it did more in 7 months than what the former govt did in 10 months

The Opposition party’s press conference alleging that the government had not done much in 200 days has the government taking out their performance record.

The Prime Minister said the Cabinet, in less than seven months, had 27 cabinet meetings while the former government took 10 months to have 27 cabinet meetings, three months more than the current government.

Lyonchhen said the Cabinet, at the current rate, would have had 39 meetings in the same 10 month period.

The PM said that even in the case of the Gross National Happiness Commission meeting, consisting of all Secretaries, the Finance Minister and himself, to oversee the 11th Plan, had met four times in seven months. He said the previous government took 12 months to have four meetings.

He said the government, if it wanted to, could but would not compare, in terms of the funds secured, how long it took to pass the 10th Plan while the 11th Plan was already operationalized and making big progress.

The PM pointed out that the previous government had promised to reach the Top 100 in the ease of doing business index under McKinsey, but Bhutan was still languishing at the 147th position.

Lyonchhen informed that after the meet-the-press, he was on his way to attend the government performance management system (GPMS) meeting which is chaired by him and of which the chief planning officer of all ministries was a member.

He said that the GPMS would be rolled out in the next few months and performance agreements would be signed between him and ministers and between him, Ministers and Secretaries and Dzongdas.

He also highlighted the fact that under tourism, the government was launching a special offer for Thai tourists that would result in 3,000 more Thai tourists visiting during the tourism season which would benefit airlines, operators, guides, farmers, hotels, etc.

The PM also said that if anyone made a comparison of the amount of work and productivity of the current government and the previous government then people would find that the current government did much more and achieved much more in both the 100-day and 200 days time period.

Lyonchhen also disagreed with the Opposition party’s assessment that only 40 percent of the pledges had been fulfilled.

He said that the government has completed 74 percent of the pledges and 26 percent was ongoing.

“We have made it very clear that pledges and decisions that have to made by other agencies have been forwarded to them, for example, the flexible time for mothers and doing away with preliminary examinations have been sent to RCSCS, housing allowances and pay hike has been sent to Pay Commission following the rule of law,” said the PM.

He said, “I wish the Opposition party is fair, but the facts is that they want to undermine the government and they say that they support the government, but they want to plant misgivings in the mind of the people. Why else would they say government has not done anything in 200 days and also talk about the 100-day pledges?”

The PM clarified that the government was not washing its hands off these promises, but it was following up on them as well.

He said the Pay Commission has asked for more time and it was given to them and as their job is done, the report would be submitted to the government.

Lyonchhen said, “We do believe we have done well, but certain members, mainly of the Opposition party are trying to portray certain parts of the 100-day promises as a failure.”

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