Govt spends Nu 75 mn to reopen schools

The money has been spent on repairing toilets and hostels, installation of 40 to 50 water taps in each school to prevent the crowding, installation of safe drinking water and construction of water sources. There are 609 schools in the country.

The government is yet to purchase hand sanitizers, temperature guns, bleaching powders and other chemicals required in all the schools.

Education Minister Jai Bir Rai said he hopes and prays that students will be using the safety protocols. Lyonpo said each student must be serious about following all health precautions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

He said that the government’s investment in education must be taken care of as the facilities should be used wisely and prudently, so that the students are safe from the coronavirus. “All these things can only happen if the students learn the importance of self-leadership,” Lyonpo added.

The ministry has identified and allocated a health coordinator in each school to monitor each and every student if any of them fall sick. All the schools have already identified their quarantine facilities and are ready with the guidelines to follow if student shows flu like symptoms.

Lyonpo also said the schools will decide on how to carry on with their classes. Since there will be lot of empty classrooms, the schools will decide whether they want to conduct classes in the auditorium with students maintaining social distancing.

If there are enough teachers, the classes could be conducted with fewer students.

A total of 26,000 students will be attending schools.

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