Prime Minister with the sample mask on his lap

Govt to distribute 200,000 to 300,000 facemasks and then will ask people to wear them: PM

Lyonchhen said that the government is in the process of mass stitching of masks which will be distributed across the country and then people will be asked to wear them

“We are in the process of stitching about two to three lakh masks which will be distributed to all corners of the country and then we will ask them to wear it. Right now if we ask them to wear it then there will be confusion,” said Lyonchhen.

He said the mask is not for protection, but if one has the virus then one will spread it less.

“R nought (transmission rate) of the virus will go down by 50 percent but that is considering we have local transmission. Professionally we cannot justify it and socially it will not be very healthy but should the situation go risky even regionally then wearing a mask is of no harm,” said the PM.

The PM said it will be easily available and at the cost price. The cost price right now is Nu 38 but the PM is asking them to make it 3 pieces at Nu 100.

“The sample we gave is for three layers but in the first lot the quality was too good making it almost suffocating so we have asked one layer to be made lighter with cotton material,” said Lyonchhen.

“Once we stitch three to four lakh masks and distribute it people will wear it and then we say to please wear masks,” he added.

He said everyone must have at least three masks and they should be in a zip lock and sold as such so that they can carry the zip lock and keep the mask in the zip lock and lock it and wear the second and third masks.

“Once you reach home you can wash it with detergent and iron it and the virus will not be there. Again next morning one can take three masks in a zip lock just like the phone, but if we announce it now then people will not know what to wear. This gives us lot of excitement and satisfaction,” said Lyonchhen.

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