Govt to intervene if Thromde unable to resolve tracksuit issue

If Thimphu thromde is unable to resolve the tracksuit controversy, which has not only divided its senior officials and irked many schools, students and parents, the government will intervene to avoid further argument and controversy.

“We try not to interfere when the power and authority lies with other entities and we had always respected the authority and the decision, especially the decisions of local government acknowledging the vital roles the local government plays,” said Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay said during the 30th meet the press. “We never interfere with judiciary and we try not to interfere with media at all. Off course I do believe that there might be some rules and guidelines that we are not happy with, but we respect their decision and try not to intervene.”

“With local government, we try not to intervene but sometimes we are forced to do so,” the prime minister said. “Just as the tracksuit controversy, it is a local government issue, thromde had made certain decisions to review the tracksuit notification and I believe thromde is implementing it.”

The prime minister said that he hoped the thromde might resolve this issue, that they would talk with the student, parents and principal and also arrange consultation meetings because most of their decisions came up after conducting several consultation meetings with principal and parents.

“Even after discussing with parents and principals and conducting series of meetings if the thromde is not able to solve this issue within themselves, then we may be required to interfere,” the prime minister said. “We may have to sit with thromde and schools and will try to resolve this issue. But we do not want to intrude the work of thromde saying this is the stand of the government on this issue.”

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