Graduate for Gup in Phuentsholing gewog

Phuentsholing gewog in Chukha dzongkhag has 10 candidates contesting for Gup. Tek Bdr Ghalley is one of the two graduates contesting for the post.

Tek Bdr Ghalley, 29, is from Deling-Marbji, Phuentsholing gewog. He graduated in 2011 from Kalimpong with a B.Com (honours) degree. He worked as an administration officer and IT coordinator with the Chiphen Rigphel Project (NIIT) for the past five years.

Q1. Being a graduate, why did you stand as a Gup candidate?

Ans: No one forced me to stand for the post. It’s my decision because I want to build up my political career. In addition, apart from what the former gup has done, I want to bring in more development in my gewog.

Q2. What would be some of your pledges?

Ans: At this juncture, I can’t say I will do this or I will do that for the development of my gewog because it doesn’t go according to what we plan. What I can say today is, I will do my best if I get elected and I don’t want to make a false promises. I just want to win the heart of the villager’s by telling the fact.

Q3. What are some of the challenges you face being new in LG election?

Ans:  Though I have work experience in other fields I have limited knowledge in this field. So it is hard to convince people with limited knowledge. The other challenge would be trust; we have to make sure that they trust us. There are 10 candidates contesting for same post and it will be challenging to compete with other experienced candidates.

Q4. What is your hope? Do you think you can make it?

Ans: I can never say that I will get elected because we have the highest candidates and we have some candidates who are more experienced in this field. If I get through nothing like it and even if I don’t, I will be left with experience. However, I have hope that I may get through the primary round.

Q5. If you get elected, what development will you bring to the gewog?

Ans: As I said earlier, if I get elected I will work for better development. I will work with priority; I will work with one, which is mostly needed in the gewog. I will also further strengthen the development activities, which is already there in our gewog.

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