Graduates collect waste thrown on the way to Taktshang

photo by : Ugyen Dorji

About 50 graduates who have recently graduated from India participated in a cleaning campaign organized by Druk Waste collection along the way to Paro Taktshang on 4th of June.

Kezang Choden the organizer chose the day since it is Her Majesty Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuk’s birth day and the Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana which was a perfect day to have organized the cleaning campaign on the way to Taktshang so as to create awareness about the waste management and the harm of the waste.

The organizer from Druk Waste Collection, Kezang Choden said “The main aim of our cleaning campaign is to create awareness about recycling of the waste, proper disposal and let people know about the impact of global warming.”

The Graduates went along the way to Taktshang talking to people and letting them know about the impact of waste which is carelessly thrown along the way. They also picked up all the waste which were thrown on the way and from the bushes.

Chencho Dorji, a graduate from India who participated in the campaign said, “it is an opportunity for me to help people know about the waste management though it not my profession, I hope people are now aware about the waste and I am positive that they will share the information to other people too”.

Some people who have come all the way from Thimphu to visit Paro Taktshang said, “It is good to see that the youth are very concerned about the nature and environment. To have initiated such a program is great idea and I hope they will keep up the spirit.

The program was sponsored by the Paro town, with the prior permission of Paro Dzongda. All hoteliers of Paro, Tashi Taj in Thimphu and many other travel agents of Thimphu including, Etho Metho and Peak adventure also sponsored the campaign.

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