Graduates from the NGOP express opinions in black and white, and gray about Lyonchhen’s speech

A most passionately charged Lyonchhen during the recently concluded National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP) lambasted the media in relation to news stories on Gyelpozhing, Denchi land cases and the Trowa Theater land case.

The Prime Minister, Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley defended his government and names of the certain high officials who were reportedly involved in the land cases, the PM himself included.

In his outburst of an address to the more than 2000 graduates at the orientation program the PM dubbed the whole situation as a misreporting by the media.

The Bhutanese spoke to the graduates following the PM’s address

A good half seemed to be sold for goods with Lyonchhen’s perspective on the media in general and his views on this paper in particular.

Nonetheless, there were also those who chose to reserve their convictions for their own and to unearth events as they gradually revealed themselves, in true light, with the passage of time.

Transpirations from the interviews offered majority consensus that graduates who studied in colleges in Bhutan were more or less convinced of Lyonchhen’s fiery monologue.

“We believed and still believe what the PM said, he is our leader and he should be competent,” said a Sherubtse College Graduate, Tshewang.

Rinzin Dema, a political science student from the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) said that the allegation stories in The Bhutanese did not have enough proof.

There were a few of those, who drew fine lines of reservation to take in every word from the nation’s Premier, it stemmed from simple reason or from analyzed ground rules.

An IT graduate from Raipur, India Tandin Penjor said, “The government should have had some flaws which made the media go about writing about these issues”.

“Whatever the Lyonchhen says may seem convincing but at the end of the day he is a politician,” said an RTC graduate while an in-service NGOP participant said he believed the Lyonchen except the part about ‘government’s support to media’.

He said the government supports media for its own interest.

Sonam Penjor a graduate from Delhi University said if a government really supports media it should endure the allegations as they should realize that the media is an entity bound to make critical analyses of the governments’ part.

A group of graduates from the RTC said it’s inevitable that the graduates will comment in favor of the government and the PM, as they fear being black listed for civil service.

Wangchen a Delhi university graduate with a good media background said he felt that the graduates were in some way indirectly compelled to believe whatever Lyonchhen said about the allegations.

Sippy Das a journalism student was skeptical about the PM’s address being informative on the state of the country but thought of it as more of a campaigning glee.

Some of the graduates expressed their disappointment on not being able to meet the OL during the sessions.

A Rangsit University graduate, Tashi Namgyal Dorji, 25 said he did not think the private media was doing wrong reporting and he definitely did not think the paper ‘The Bhutanese’ was being biased. “They are just doing their job and keeping people like us updated,” he said.

A Bangalore graduate, Tshering Doma, 21 said it was good to have the private media around and did not think that ‘the paper’ practiced biased reporting.

A Sherubtse graduate, Bidhur, 22 said he did not think of ‘The Bhutanese’ as a biased paper, “their reports are not to topple the government especially the ruling party, but, in some instances the reporters might not have done enough reporting,” he said


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  1. Is is really a news for us. I don’t think it is professional journalist writing.We are not interested in hearing who support your reporting or not.As a news paper serving the larger public interest, don’t report rubbish news.We would like to see balance and unbiased news. If you do we are here to support and solute u guys.

  2. The Bhutanese is doing a great job by risking itself to inform the nation. Thats a real patriotism but the patriotism of other papers seem too hypocrite..they r being too soft n naive not daring like the bhutanese…keep up the gudwork TB.

  3. TL, are you evaluating Lyonchen’s Performance by asking Graduates? Why are you always after LJYT?

    • He will have to be after LJYT for next 5 years too as LJYT will come back even more stronger than now in upcoming election.

  4. I do salute The Bhutanese for their bravery to come up with the news which are highly sensitive. Thats what we can call the effective media for taking democracy rightly. But donot do biased reporting which makes us feel you are doing wrong reporting. I couldnt see much of substance in this report, just look like The Bhutanese is hunting Lyonchen.

  5. Yea birla,
    He enjoys all the freedom using this media to make fun of our PM.Today he challenges PM and there might come a day where he has to beg PM for his wrong intention and creating social disharmony. I actually see TL is like jaundice patient who cannot distinguish white colour from yellow as jaundice patient sees all the colour as yellow.

  6. This paper indirectly says that graduates who went to colleges in Bhutan are not better, not critical, not analytic than those who went outside. Please do not make such assumptions. Keep your hatred to the PM for yourself for once.  

    • I don’t find such conclusion after reading the article. Just like pm who clarified, the paper sought opinion. Whether a graduate is from India or Bhutan, all lands up under PM’s Roof but one need not fear as govt last 5 years but degree last forever.

      • Ms. Yangzom, I don’t know if you read the whole piece but I did. If you had read the whole article and found it satisfying then I know where you stand. It exactly said graduates from colleges within Bhutan were convinced by PM’s clarification but those graduated from outside did not believe much. Did you fail to come across these sentences? The paper wanted all the graduates not to get convinced by PM’s clarification but believe the stories run by thebhutanese.

        Yeah looks like you have got a degree of attitude that will last forever. I am sure you don’t even want good wishes because you have got that degree, needless to say that you may not deserve at all from the way you label people.  I am sure you have accumulated more than enough negative effects to keep yourself in misery forever. 

        • No I did not read I am uneducated unlike u from Oxford, I don’t have eyes am blind, I don’t have brain like u to analyze, u r the only intelligent man in this country who thinks he knows too much. Looks like u r suffering from knowing too much and don’t know where to apply. If so pls, become teacher and torture poor kids coz we a not scared of u and ur big know everything talk. 

          The man who knows too much. Barking dogs seldom bite

          • I think its high time you learn some basic english.  Your ‘Degree of Attitude’ is not helping you much. Until you have learned some basic english to make some formidable arguments, let this be my last response to you. 

          • Phuntsho, my English is my own unlike urs copy n paste. Gone are the days where u can bully women and keep under ur feet. Check ur own basic english, looks like u have reworked on it many times before posting. Arrow shot one or many times are different. Since u started it so let me finish it here. 

  7. The Bhutanese

    What Author(BHUTANESE) writes rubbish story. There was no need of this report. We already know by reading this report that wars are going between “The Bhutanese” and “DPT”. I thought that Media is a fourth state. But going through this filthy report, it seems that you(BHUTANESE) are going to spoil whole country and defaming everyone. I was thinking that BHUTANESE were doing good job but on long run it would drag our young democracy tot the drain. I don’t think it is a good report. The Bhutanese are undermining Government( particularly PM). Why? 
    Please live in harmony and learn to respect other if you really want to be respected. But God sees the truth but waits. So come one BHUTANESE, please grow.

  8. i really don’t understand why the Bhutanese is always after LJTY. This paper seems to be too jealous of all Development activities taking place under his guidance. Too much medicine becomes poison, so your paper becomes poison to me now.

  9. God, It’s simply disgusting to see to what extent this paper can go to show that they are right and PM is wrong to the general public (Bhutanese people) who they consider as silly. Summary of the above reporting by TL in the guise of reporter are 1) Graduates are not brainwashed by PM and they still support the paper (Do the fresh graduates have the capacity to evaluate a man of Lyonchen’s calibre?) 2) Graduates who studied inside the country are dumb. For that matter, they consider that anyone supporting PM are dumb!

    • Pema @ what is wrong with you, you looks more bias then The Bhutanese.For you, It looks that PM is completely right and TL completely wrong. At least you are not a sound judge.
      PM:Scam after scam after scam and defending and defending and defending
      TL: Writing again and again and again and again that is all i read in this news.
      You are neither scamper nor defender or writer. So read any news and keep quite, your frustration will not make any difference. Further, if you don’t like TL’s news, please don’t visit his web tey!

      • yangtsepazhem, nothing is wrong with me. It is just that PM is running the country very efficiently. When you move mountains, it is only acceptable that there would be some soil left behind. But we must appreciate him for moving the mountain and not declare war for leaving the soil. Why are we frustrated with a great leader? Personally, I miss the good old days when we knew how to respect leaders, do their biddings even if it was not good… but atleast we had peace and harmony, respect for eachother. Some of us are overstepping the freedom offered by democracy even though it was only yesterday that democracy came here!

        • The "TRUE" Bhutanese

          Nice one Pema. I like it!!!

        • @ pema…u should know that days are gone for saying always yes 2 what ever the leaders u do,we also respect our leaders bt we also have a right  express our views,opinion etc..this news paper just reported fairly how the graduates express their views 2 what our honorable PM said in we don’t try 2 interpret it in what ever you like.more than that you should appreciate this news paper for working fearlessly 

  10. This is articles is complete propaganda. Journalism is to inform not to pass judgment. Here the article was given no or little space for those who support PM’s statement but tried explaining every person and opinions that support The Bhutanese….

  11. It was reported that the PM told the graduates not to let the media reports “insult their intelligence”. Likewise, we should not let the PM insult ours!

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