Grandmother claims ‘suicide attempt’ led to death of four year old

The case of the 56-year-old grandmother who was last seen with the four-year-old boy, found dead in the Wangchu on April 28, has been forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

Police had detained the grandmother for a month until May 28.

Earlier police said the grandmother claimed to have a mental disorder whereby she kept changing her statement. The grandmother was rescued from middle of Wangchu river by Terma Linca staff and when questioned by police, she asked police to look for the boy near by the river.

An official from OAG said that when police forwarded the case to OAG the case was registered under involuntary manslaughter, while the official said that it may or may not differ once the review is done by OAG.

The official said they are yet to finish with the case review and for now they cannot comment.

The official said that the statement of the grandmother to police says that both grandmother and boy went to riverside to commit suicide and that both jumped into the river. While the grandmother claims this the case will hang on the fact that the grandmother’s ‘suicide attempt’ led to the death of the boy.

It was also learnt that, after jumping into Wangchu River, the river washed away the boy while she was rescued by Terma Linca staff. She also claimed that the rescuer did not see the boy when they were rescuing her though while being rescued the grandmother did not mention about the presence of the boy.

What is also not throwing clarity on the case is the refusal by the hospital to comment on the grandmother’s mental state.

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