As the monthly income support scheme and the 50 percent interest waiver drew to a close in March many wondered what would happen in the coming months.

However, in an unprecedented move His Majesty The King extended the Kidu for another 15 months this time pouring in precious funds painstakingly saved by His Majesty The Fourth King and His Majesty The King for such a rainy day.

When people learnt about the Kidu and especially about the source of the funds, there were many who reacted emotionally with tears. This was in essence His Majesty breaking into Royal funds to spend it all on his people.

The funds were always meant for national projects and aims, but it is touching to know that the welfare of the people during such times is more important than any national endeavor.

Contrast this with many scheming politicians and leaders around the world whose 24/7 endeavor is to enrich themselves at the cost of their people. The opposite has been happening in the case of Bhutan.

In return for such a generous sacrifice and gesture we the people need to do a few things right.

The first and foremost as advised by His Majesty is to not let our guards down and to continue following COVID-19 protocols.

The important thing about the 15 months Kidu is that His Majesty has also brought us valuable time for 15 months.

We should make use of this time to carry out important reforms and change the way we think and do business as business as usual cannot work. The cue for this is the National Day address of His Majesty where the path to success is clearly laid out.

There needs to be deep and far reaching reforms and changes in our civil service, governance, education, economy, technology and more importantly the way we think and plan as a nation for the 21st century.

There are not enough words to express the gratitude of a people to a benevolent King who has protected us from day one of the pandemic, and so let us show it through our actions.

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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