Growing importance of National Day

It is no coincidence that this year’s National Day celebrations were the grandest ever as our National Day celebrations will only become more and more significant.

Bhutan’s National Day celebrations are becoming more important in the National calendar and while each National Day stay’s true to its main purpose they are different from each other.

With Bhutan being in a moment of major economic, political and social transformation the series of National Days celebrations over the last few years have not only given a better focus on the national priorities but also reminders on important and specific areas of national importance.

The National Day celebrations not only inculcates a national sense of focus and direction but it also brings about a much needed sense of urgency to achieve our perennial national targets that have been expounded by our Kings and the people right from the time of His Majesty The First King.

However, the National Day addresses are not all about the present or the future but it is also day to remind ourselves of the past and the eternal values and principles that define Bhutan. It also serves as an important national occasion for national continuity and unity.

This year’s National Day address focused primarily on the civil servants or public servants and the crucial role to be played by them in achieving our national targets.

His Majesty pointed out the strength of such a large number of public servants but also the inherent risks and dangers if they are not able to perform.

One important quality of the National Day is that it is an event that strengthens national unity, sovereignity and stability and is lead by a leader who symolises all three.

To be a great nation and a great people, you have to do great things.
Homer Hickam

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