Gyalpoishing college to be center of excellence for IT

Three colleges will open in the eastern region by the end of this month offering Masters in English for teachers, ICT based programs and specialised courses in the Zorig Chusum (the 13 traditional arts and crafts).

The college in Yongphula, Trashigang, will offer Masters in English for teachers, the institute for Zorig Chusum in Trashiyangtse will offer specialised courses in the 13 arts and crafts and the Gyalpoishing College in Mongar will offer ICT based programs.

The new college in Gyalposhing will be offering IT courses to 80 undergraduate students with the vision to make it a center of excellence for IT.

“Initially the college was planned to offer courses in social science but was later decided to offer IT courses to meet the changing needs in the era of modern technology,” said the education minister, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk, adding that priority for the ICT needs to be put forward despite the existence of ICT courses in various colleges.

Meanwhile, with the scarce demand for the IT graduates in the present job market scenario, the Ministry of Labour claimed that intake of IT graduates in Government agencies has reached the saturation point.

According to its study,  every year at least 500 IT graduates are produced by various colleges inside and outside the country and only a handful are absorbed in government agencies.

However, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk said, “Employability is the challenge we have taken on with this new college, we want to make them as employable as possible by offering skills that would be readily absorbed in the market not just in a country but also outside the country”.

The college has been upgraded from Gyalpoizhing Central School and will have 60 faculty members and a campus covering over 62 acres.

The college will initially be offering Bachelors in Computer Applications emphasizing mainly on ICT based subjects. “The college aims to diversify the programmes by including more practical and job-oriented programmes based on ICT in long-run,” said Pema Dorji from the Royal University of Bhutan.

The college has set up boarding facilities, guest room, IT Labs, Lecture Theater, library, cafeteria and Conference hall and basic infrastructures on the already existing facilities.

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