Haa re-elects Tshering Dorji


Incumbent National Council (NC) member Tshering Dorji with 1,866 total votes (EVM-1630- Postal Ballot- 236) won the NC elections to be re-elected as the dzongkhag’s NC representative.

His contenders Choda Jamtsho received 631 votes (EVM-603, PB- 28), Khadu Wangchuk got 634 votes (EVM- 546, PB-88) and Tenzin Norbu got 480 votes (EVM- 454, PB-26).

Tshering Dorji said his being re-elected is an endorsement from the people’s side of how he represented the dzongkhag for the five years in his tenure.

Sonam Pelvar/ Thimphu


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  1. Tshering Dorji is an exemplary MP. Congratulations to the Haps for re-electing him. We need people like Tshering Dorji to make our democracy viable and strong.

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