Habitual burglar caught again

Gelephu police, with a help of Phuentsholing police, arrested a 28-year-old Indian man from a hotel in Phuentsholing. The suspect, from Shantipur, Runikhata in Chirang district of Assam, is alleged to be a habitual burglar, on the run after a series of burglaries in Gelephu town this year.

The suspect was arrested on 5th July  from the hotel room along with stolen items and cash. According to police, the suspect’s first case was reported in 2006. The man was convicted for 3 years, 9 months and was released on April 2010.

Subsequently, he again committed a series of burglaries in Gelephu town in 2011, and once again was convicted for another five years. However, he again went on to commit the same crime since his release on 21st December 2015.

On 30th June, the suspect robbed  two houses located in Gelephu town. He entered the houses through the main door after forcefully breaking the lock of the door. Police arrested the suspect in possession of  priceless stolen artifacts, and recovered much of the cash and stolen items.

Police have seized 10 cat-eye (dzee), Nu 1,25,000, INR 200,000, USD 1,000, six gold plated Dorjis, a mobile phone, two silver coated coronation coins,) 20 sets of pearls, one Dell laptop and one Acer laptop, two traditional cups, yangbum, ID card, ATM card and three wrist watches.

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