‘Hangout.bt’ launched

Tourists and locals looking for places to hang out can now log unto to hangouts.bt an online platform with information on restaurants, cafés, bars, bistros, clubs, drayangs, karaokes, other entertainment places as well as events in Bhutan.

The website also offers other features like promoting Meal of the Day, events, and sharing content on other social networks. Users can rate and review hangouts.

Developed by Bhutan Pedia Bhutanpedia, a technology firm, the online platform, launched this week, received support from the Ministry for Labour and Human Resources under the funding scheme of Revolving Fund to support aspiring and creative entrepreneurs.

“We need such technology infrastructure for our tourism industry especially when the government is trying to promote tourism, ,” said labour minister Ngeema Sangay Tshempo who attended the August 17th launch. “The success of tourism industry will depend on the quality and credibility of our hospitality services. So innovating our hospitality industry through technology will contribute towards the development of our tourism industry.”

The CEO Khampa Tshering said Hangouts.bt will encourage hospitality services providers to better services since customers are going to use this platform to rate and review their goods and services. It will provide cost effective channel through which hangouts businesses can reach out to their customers without the high costs of promotion in the conventional media.

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