He was normal before the incident: Principal about Vice Principal (Yebilaptsa murder case)

Assistant Principal of Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School (YMSS), Karma Sangay, charged with voluntary manslaughter, was said to be behaving as normally as he did on the day of the horrendous murder of a 13-year-old girl, a student at the school, said the Principal, Dorji, of YMSS.

“I didn’t see him misbehaving and it really is an unexpected incident,” the principal said.

On October 16, at around 8:15am, during SUPW period, Karma Sangay had sent the deceased girl to lock his house door. As the deceased was returning his keys after locking the house, Karma Sangay reportedly told her that his wife and the father of the deceased were having an illicit affair.

It is reported that the deceased girl went to teacher’s house to seek clarification and evidence with regard to her father having an illicit relationship with his wife. But Karma Sangay, already disturbed by his wife’s illicit affairs, pushed her and then strangulated her to death with a hand towel.

The medical examination has ruled out any sexual assault and the death was caused due to asphyxia by ligature strangulation. The 13-year-old victim was found dead underneath the bed of the assistant principal.

Meanwhile, the students at YMSS, though emotionally disturbed, are attending school as usual and preparing for their upcoming exams. Principal Dorji said, “Students are only concerned for their upcoming trial exam which will start from October 26.”

Cremation of the deceased 13-year-old, Sherab Dema, was carried out on October 21. The school collected Nu 5000 as semso to the deceased family.  In addition, Director from Ministry of Education also visited the family of the deceased in person, and on behalf of the ministry; he has given Nu 5000 as semso to the family.

Principal,YMSS, said, “From the school’s side what we can do is, visit the family time to time and give them a helping hand whenever needed.” He added that he also plans to visit the accused, Karma Sangay, with the permission from RBP.

Karma Sangay is still under the custody of Zhemgang Police, and his case is to be forwarded to Office of Attorney General (OAG) for prosecution.

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