Healing addiction with music

To create awareness on fighting drug abuse and building a drug-free society, the Himalayan School of Music (HSM) will be showcasing a musical concert themed “Let’s Heal Our World Together” tomorrow evening at the Clock Tower Square in Thimphu.

A series of performances will be presented by the participants, comprising mainly of the school children and youth at the music concert. There will be testimonials shared by two youth who are recovering from substance abuse. They will highlight the recovery that they have made from addiction to lead a normal life. Lama Shenphen Zangpo who has spent more than 25 years practicing and studying Buddhism in different parts of the world will be also addressing on the various effects of the drugs.

Founder of HSM, Yogen Chettri said the concert will educate people on how drugs affect an individual’s life and the family members of a drug abuser.

The organization works closely with rehab centres in the country by providing free services to individuals involved in substance abuse.

Sharing his concern on the increasing numbers of youth taking to substance abuse, Yogen said, “It is not the responsibility of only the authorities, but the responsibility of every individual in the society.”  He added that the country must not only preach on the substances’ impact, but should look at ground reality. He feels that the leaders must talk to the youth and encourage them to do take up some healthy habits. “Bhutan, being a Gross National Happiness country, we should be living in the world’s safest country,” he said, reckoning the youth-related crime rates are ascending by the day.

HSM plans to propose the Education Ministry to regularize music in schools as is in many other countries. Co-founder of HMS, Kamala Gurung said it would also provide a platform for employment generation if music classes are carried out in all the schools.

Kamala Gurung said the concert of such kind will unleash their hidden talents and give a better platform for the youth to channel their talent. Talking about their plans for initiating music classes in the regular schools in the country she said it would enable children to learn Dzongkha better, who are usually reluctant to study but love music.

Such concerts and events are conducted every year by HSM with themes pertaining to issues like climate change, global warming and drug abuse. Last year’s theme was on creating awareness on global warming and climate change.

The concert is organized with support from Zimdra Food Private Limited, Dotcom Company and sound system are provided by Supersonic Services Company.

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