Health and Happiness campaign for a drug free Bhutan

To reach out to the commuters and drivers in specific and the general public at large, the Chithuen Phendey Association organized a drug and alcohol free advocacy program.

Over 100 vegetable vendors of Centenary Farmer Market and the Thimphu Thrompon joined the campaign to create awareness on Drugs and Alcohol yesterday.

The campaign theme was “health and happiness campaign for a Bhutan”.

There are 25 youth members’ from Youth Volunteer advocacy going to all the drivers at Gas Stations, Taxi and Bus stands around Thimphu.

In support of the campaign for a drug free Bhutan, CPA’s aim is to reach out to at least 40 percent of population with proper drug prevention awareness and education within this year.

Executive Director of CPA, Tshewang Tenzin said that drugs and alcohol are the major issue among people today, and just as a single member’s addiction problem can hurt his whole family and cause distress at home, drugs and alcohol abuse have the potential to thwart the peace and harmony of the country.

“It need’s to be confronted with a sense of urgency and decisiveness by all members of our society. We need to forge a strong partnership with all sectors of our society and collectively work together to help our youth,” he said.

Programme officer of CPA, Dawa Penjor said, “It is time to ensure that all, or at least the majority, of people who want treatment have easy access to it in a timely manner, and everyone learns about the life-saving drug prevention education.”

He added that once the country reaches this critical “tipping point,” society will experience the full public health benefits of Treatment, Rehabilitation and other support.

Having more people receive proper treatment and rehabilitation will also help reduce HIV and hepatitis transmission, crime, prison overcrowding, and the number of unproductive youth and with dedicated, collective effort across our people, that we can ensure more young people live healthy, happy and productive lives.

“It’s a time to recognize the collective effort of our society and to encourage bigger, better efforts for the future,” Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee said.

He said abuse of drugs and alcohol continues to be the leading cause of death, suicide, domestic violence, divorce and unemployment in the country.

He added that it’s an acknowledgment that drug abuse prevention is crucial and it must involve the all section of society – from parents to children, teachers to students, civil servant to nonprofit organizations. “It’s an effort to ensure the youth of today are provided the right guidance, support and resources for a healthier tomorrow of Bhutan,” he said.

The Chithuen Phendey Association, in collaboration with Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority and Bhutan Foundation is organizing the program for the second time.

11 members who are recovering addicts will walk from Paro to Thimphu creating awareness on drug abuse and illicit trafficking and the discussion on current drug issues and addition experience sharing will be carried out at CPA.

Dorji, Vegetable Vendor of CFM said, “These kinds of advocacy initiatives will not only benefit us but also the younger generations. We will be grateful if such programs are conducted more frequently in the future.”

On August 10, there will be Highway advocacy on drugs abuse and illicit trafficking. The advocates will conduct advocacy on buses traveling to Phuntsholing to Thimphu, Paro and Punakha.

Three main highways will see advocacy jointly with BNCA, Police and RSTA.

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