Health minister appeals for everyone to wear face masks

Although wearing a facemask in some places are mandatory, but in places like monasteries and in town areas, people are rarely seen wearing the facemask. Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said it is very important to wear a facemask now.

Lyonpo said wearing a facemask is for self-protection because the virus is very new and nobody knows when and where the community transmission would take place. So if all the people take the responsibility to use a facemask then even if there is community transmission, it would stop the virus from spreading or minimize the transmission.

Lyonpo said the government has notified the public that it is mandatory to wear a facemask in the hospital and the vegetable market. In some places where there is a facemask shortage or it is not available, in such situations, the ministry plans to provide the facemasks. However, it seems the facemasks are now available all over the place.

“I have seen people not wearing their mask properly,” said Lyonpo. She advises the public to wear the facemask in an appropriate way. Lyonpo also said it is important to dispose of the masks in a proper manner, and to wash the reusable cloth facemasks with soap and water after use.

Lyonpo also asked the people to realize that workers on the frontline are toiling day and night to protect all the people in the country. So wearing mask is not that hard, Lyonpo requested everyone to wear a facemask to protect themselves and those who are in vulnerable health.

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