Health Ministry achieves 8 indicators and 31 on track

Of the 39 success indicators, the health ministry has achieved 8 while 31 are on track according to the mid-year review of the Annual Performance Agreement 2017-2018.

The percentage of rural households with access to improved sanitation was highlighted as one of the major success indicators, which initially was targeted at 80 percent but has surpassed the goal by 8 percent as revealed by the Bhutan Living Standard Survey 2017.

To strengthen diagnostic, curative and palliative healthcare services, the ministry indicated the achievement of nurse to bed ratio of 1:6 in all the hospitals with the target to have at least three doctors in each dzongkhag, except for Gasa.

The Prime Minister suggested that the ministry could have bigger targets which would have attributed a greater achievement. Overall, the achievement made by the ministry was 86%.

Other success indicator includes the launch of national health accounts study and finalization of health sector draft of the 12th five year plan aimed to promote good governance and financially sustainable healthcare.

The revised budget for the financial year 2017-2018 is Nu 2515.2 million of which Nu 1202.5 million was released. The total expenditure incurred so far is Nu 856.7million or 34 percent of the total budget.

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