Heavy and regular traffic congestion in Phuentsholing

The traffic congestion in the border town of Phuentsholing is so bad that residents say it is faster to walk than drive to a destination.

Phuentsholing Police SP said they had to conduct a meeting with relevant stakeholders this winter to address the situation, which was getting bad to worse. “The main reason for traffic congestion is due to minimum outlets,” he said. “Once a vehicle gets into the town they have to take the same route to exit.”

The zebra crossings were also adding to the congestion. “We introduced zebra cross for the safety of the public but at times it leads to such issues because we have to stop vehicle every after a while to make people cross roads,” he added. “We will remove some of the zebra cross if needed.”

The floating population, which increases in winter, is also contributing to the congestion.

To ease congestion they have decided to have more number of outlets where a vehicle can enter from one end and can exit from other end and the approximate distance between the two ends will be 2 KM.

A second gate will be coming up in Baow Bazaar, Jaigaon, which will connect the main road above the army camp in Bhutan. The heavy vehicles will ply from this gate. Likewise, once the road from Bebari, Jaigaon opens to traffic all vehicles going to Pasakha can take that route.

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