Heavy snowfall in Lunana delays developmental activities

Snowfall in Lunana usually declines from the month of March but this year into May and the gewog is still experiencing snowfall which is hampering developmental works.According to Lunana Gup Gyem Tshering, “This is the first time we are experiencing such snow fall and I think it is the result of climate change.” The Lunaps are also worried that the school may not open in time. The gup said there were government directives to start the school by the month of June “but we might not be able to do that as even school teachers have not yet arrived in Lunana”. The renovation of Tshodzo dzong  is going on with villagers contributing labor but the harsh climate is preventing them from working hard so the  issue of completing the works on time remains a question. The gup stated that there are many developmental activities in the pipeline such as construction of bridges and schools but they might take more time due to the snowfall and lack of human resources.

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