“Hidden Kingdom” – World Music Festival in Bhutan for first time

Bhutan celebrated its first world music festival, “Hidden Kingdom” (HK) from 28 -31 July this year. The unique event served as an opportunity for the Bhutanese musicians to showcase their talents, and also their music in the coming years.

Artist Director of the festival, Ugyen Panday, said that the festival is the first of its kind in Bhutan, with international popular artists and folk musicians set to perform in the festival.  HK Festival will be held annually with the main motive of supporting the genuine musicians in Bhutan, and also to add to country’s economic growth.

There are workshops being designed in the HK Festival to help the young Bhutanese musicians with mentoring sessions by professional advisors.

“Through this festival, we are developing a dynamic website, whereby the internationally owned festival professional owners will be helping the HK Festival to standup, and we have been working on it and have reached to certain level, with help from the professionals,” said Ugyen.

Festival Director, Kheng Sonam Dorji, said that the HK Festival will act as a music literacy because until now Bhutan has never been on the entertainment map. He said that his team is making sure that Bhutan will be flagged in the entertainment map 2023.

“In the future, huge music festivals can happen here, which is how our youths can benefit – not only in terms of exposure but in sharing the platform with very reputed musicians from all over the world. Likewise, we can also send talented bands to perform overseas, so it is like a gateway for the musicians,” said Kheng Sonam.

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