Highest seizure of Hashish shows Mongar as source

Thimphu police seized 1 kg of Marijuana Hashish on 14 April at around 1:30 pm that came out to be the highest seized until date.

The police arrested the two men who are from Namseling, Thimphu. One is a 44 year old from Samtse, Dorokha while the other is an Indian national.

The 1 kg of Hashish was made into 109 pieces of sticks with various sizes wrapped in different types of colored plastic and was then packed in a black plastic bag. The hashish originated from Mongar as the Indian national was working in a farmhouse in Mongar.

Upon interrogation, police said that, the suspects have confessed to having brought the items from the local people of Mongar with a value of Nu. 100,000 and they were to sell the hashish across the border at three times that price

They were arrested based on the information given by an informer. Two of them were travelling from Bumthang towards Phuentsholing.

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