Highest SP seizure by RBP

Thimphu police seized 23,464 capsules of Spasmo-proxyvon (SP) and 88.064 grams of marijuana from a 26-year-old man Arjun Subba from Norbuzingkha, Tshedagang, Dagana.

He was arrested in Olakha on the night of May 26, behind ECB building, and was supposed to be the master source.

Upon searching his apartment, police seized the illicit substances concealed in newspaper wrappings inside three suitcases.

The suspect is being charged for alleged drug trafficking and net working business. He is under detention and case is under further investigation.

Arjun’s cover job was in doing some networking business.

The police could get hold of him through the two men who were arrested on May 23 from Langjophakha.

On May 23 at around 6 pm, RBP patrolling team apprehended two man, a 20-year- old from Lhuntse and a 19-year-old from Wangdue.

The patrolling team apprehended the two men based on a tip off by an informer. They were arrested in Langjophakha, just opposite to Wood Craft Centre.They were found rubbing marijuana plant within the area.

On further frisking, they were found in possession of 88 capsules of Spasmo-proxyvon (SP). Both of them tested positive for marijuana and morphine. They are also under the custody of Thimphu police for further investigation.


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