Himalayan Palm Civet electrocuted

A Himalayan Palm Civet was found dead after being electrocuted on 27 September 2016 at Kurizam, Mongar in a Chirpine near a human settlement. One of the residents reported the incident through a phone to the Central Park Range Office, Phrumsengla National Park.

Himalayan Palm Civet belongs to Carnivora of family, Viverridae. It has white whiskers, uniform grey to tawny and it’s under parts are white, under wool is brownish or grey or sooty. There is white band on the forehead and nose. Another band is found beneath the ears passing over the cheeks. It measures 40-70cm long with tail length of 40-55cm and weighs about 3-6kg. It is a nocturnal, arboreal and largely solitary and lives in tree holes.

When distracted by the predators, the animal releases scent from its anal gland and shows its masked face to deter the predators.

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