His Majesty and Her Majesty visits villages in Chhukha and attends Chhukha Tsechu

His Majesty The King met with the people of Lobneykha (Chapcha), Darla, Meritsemo and Bongo during His Majesty’s Royal Tour to villages in Chhukha dzongkhag.

His Majesty granted Audiences to the people at various public gatherings, where His Majesty discussed every aspect of their lives with the people, asking them their thoughts on development and opportunities where they lived

His Majesty spent considerable time visiting people in their homes in the villages.

Today in Bongo, His Majesty granted Tokha to the people of the entire gewog at the school grounds, and then visited the lhakhang and homes of the people. His Majesty also met the people of Meritsemo, where His Majesty spent the night on the 18th.

In the evening, His Majesty granted an Audience to the students and teachers of Pakshikha Central School.

His Majesty visited Darla gewog on 17th October and made an unscheduled stay after an overwhelming number of people came to meet their King.

The next day, His Majesty personally met all the people who were seeking His Majesty’s Kidu, and heard their difficulties. His Majesty said to the people that their census and land related issues continued to be a priority for His Majesty, and would receive additional attention in the coming year.

Over 9000 people have received census kidu since His Majesty’s reign began in 2006

His Majesty assured the people that as their King, His Majesty would always care for their welfare, and especially for the bright future of their children, who are the future of Bhutan.

His Majesty’s Kidu Mobile Medical Unit set up camps in both Lobneykha and Darla, and treated patients from neighbouring areas. In Darla.

His Majesty met hundreds of patients at the BHU where the medical camp was operating.

His Majesty spent the remainder of the day visiting the people at their homes.

His Majesty began the Royal Visit to the villages from Lobneykha after having granted Land Kidu to the people of Chhukha at the Chhukha Dzong. His Majesty visited the village Lhakhang, individual homes and granted an Audience to the people at the village grounds in Lobneykha.

Their Majesties, also graced the Chhukha Tshechu, and met the thousands of people gathered there.


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