His Majesty The King granted an Audience to the students of Sherubtse College in Kanglung on 14 October 2019

His Majesty asks students to prepare themselves for the future

His Majesty The King granted an Audience to the students of Sherubtse College in Kanglung on 14th October.

His Majesty shared thoughts on nation building, and our national vision for a common, bright and better future.

“To prepare for the 21st century, we have to invest in our children. Bhutanese are extremely capable people, and with the right opportunities and guidance, I have no doubt that Bhutanese children will achieve their full potential,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty said that the present generation must learn to be agile, creative, adaptive, and quick learners.

His Majesty especially stressed on the rapid global progress in technology, and citing various technological fields of importance today, His Majesty urged the students to prepare themselves to be successful participants of a future driven by technology.

“Use all the resources that are available to you- your smartphones, the internet, youtube, et cetera, to equip yourselves with the skills and knowledge to become employable, and ready to take up the jobs of the future,” His Majesty said. “Your success will depend on your enthusiasm and the time that you invest in learning.”

His Majesty also granted an Audience to the lecturers of the college.

Sherubtse College, founded as a public school in 1966, became the first institution of tertiary education in Bhutan in 1983. Today, the college is part of the Royal University of Bhutan, and offers 13 programmes in arts and humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, environmental and life sciences, and computers.  Over 1500 students are studying for various degrees at the college.

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