His Majesty the King with the award recipients

His Majesty awards honors on National Day

His Majesty the King on December 17 awarded various honors to individuals during the national day celebrations amidst an array of luminaries, guests and people who thronged the Changlimithang stadium.

His Majesty awarded Druk Thugsey to former Drabi Lopen Kinley Gyeltshen in recognition of his exemplary contribution towards religious education.

Lopon Kinley joined the monastic order at the age of seven and served as the first principal of three monastic institutions- the Chagri Shedra, Phajoding Shedra and Tango Buddhist College. He was the Drabi Lopen from 1999 – 2002 and a member of the Constitution-Drafting Committee representing the Central Monk Body. He also started the Legshey Jugney Shedra in Punakha. Most of the Lam Netens and Shedra Khenpos spread across the country today have been his former students.

His Majesty also awarded Druk Thugsey to secretary general of Indo-Bhutan Friendship Association (IBFA) R.N Anil in recognition of his contributions in furthering the friendly relations between India and Bhutan.

RN Anil according to a release has been a friend to Bhutan since 1971 and has contributed immensely to the relations between India and Bhutan.

Currently in his 80s, he continues to serve today as the Secretary General of IBAF.

The Druk Thugsey is awarded to individuals who have contributed in various ways to the socio economic, religious and political development of the country.

His Majesty conferred red scarf on supreme court justice, Tshering Wangchuk in recognition of his exemplary services to the nation and in anticipation that he will continue to serve the country with increased diligence in the years to come.

Dasho Tshering Wangchuk is the lone recipient of the red scarf award this year.

His Majesty also presented white scarf without fringes and Patang to the principal of Ugyen Academy, Norbu Gyeltshen in recognition of his dedicated service and contribution to education in Bhutan during his career as a teacher and principal.

Norbu Gyaltshen was also the former tutor to His Majesty. His Majesty said that such honors would be bestowed upon other exceptional educators in the future.

National Order of Merit (Gold) was awarded to Maina Kharga in recognition of her contribution to education as a teacher, principal, and in the education ministry. Chief Forest Officer of Paro, Kaka Tshering also received the same award in recognition of his honest and dedicated service.

Maina Kharga has served as a teacher since 1982 and was a former teacher of His Majesty. She served as the principal of Motithang Higher Secondary School for the longest time and currently serves as the deputy registrar of South Asian University in New Delhi, India.

Kaka Tshering joined the civil service in 1982 and over his tenure as a forester; over 550 illegal cases were detected and apprehended. This has led to nationwide awareness of illegal activities related to forests, and have gone a long way in curbing these activities.

The National order of merit (Gold) was also presented to 261 civil servants who retired between May 2011-June 2013 in recognition of their meritious service to the nation and 121 teachers for their exemplary service in education. 42 teachers were awarded in recognition of their contribution to academic excellence, 5 teachers for their contribution to excellence in leadership and management, 45 teachers for their dedicated, long tenure and 29 teachers for their service in remote and difficult areas.

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