His Majesty awards Patang equivalent Gyen Tag to women Parliamentarians

During the closing ceremony of seventh session of second parliament, His Majesty the King awarded Gyen Tag (badge) to all the women parliamentarians. The Gyen Tag, a medal is equivalent to a Patang for men.

Lyonpo Dorji Choden during meet the press session said that, “It was a great day because it was an honor to have received a Gyen Tag from His Majesty the King. The Gyen Tag also symbolizes gender equality as its is equivalent to Patang for men”.

Lyonpo also said that His Majesty awarded the Gyen Tag to seven of them which is a sign of gender equality, support and appreciation.  “We are happy and honored of receiving this from His Majesty the King who has reposed a lot of faith and trust in us”, she added.

Lyonpo also said that, “With such a step by His Majesty, I take this opportunity to convey my message, that the women in the country have full support in terms of gender equality. In addition, on behalf of all the women in the country, I would like to thank His Majesty the King for His Majesty’s support.”

“When provided with such an opportunity, it is our responsibility to equally take part and be responsible citizens to Tsa Wa Sum” she added.

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