His Majesty celebrated Chunyipai Losar in the East

His Majesty The King celebrated Chunyipai Losar with the people of Lhuntshe in Autsho on 21st Janurary

Thousands of people arrived at the Autsho School grounds in their festive best, from all across Lhuntshe, and many even travelled from as far as Mongar, for the opportunity to celebrate day with their King.

His Majesty spent the day among the people, and granted a grand public tokha.

The day was celebrated with traditional songs and dances. Officials serving His Majesty The King entertained the people, and a lottery draw that gave away items essential to farmers, was immensely popular.

“I have received several opportunities to celebrate such occasions and receive Audience with His Majesty,” said 78-year-old Jambay Dorji, who lives in Mongar with his wife and daughter. Jambay and his wife had travelled to Gyalpozhing to celebrate Chunyipai Losar with His Majesty The King last year as well.

“We are fortunate to receive such opportunities many times over in our lifetime, as His Majesty is always among His people,” Jambay said.

Hundreds of people from Lhuntshe lined up along the highway yesterday to offer Tshogchang and welcome His Majesty The King. His Majesty visited Dungkar, and offered nyendhar and prayers at the Dungkar Choje Nagtshang.

His Majesty also granted an Audience to the people of Dungkar and neighbouring villages.

His Majesty visited the Second Winter Youth Enrichment Programme in Gyalpozhing on the 19th, where girls from across the six eastern dzongkhags are participating in a winter camp.

His Majesty granted an Audience to the girls, and graced an exhibition and a cultural programme put together by the participants.

Most of the participants would otherwise find employment at orange collection depots, or road construction, which renders them vulnerable, even though it means helping supplement their family income.

During the camp, the girls attended lessons in English, dance, IT, soap and candle making, knitting, and art. They also received counselling, career guidance, scouting and life skills training, and guest lectures on democracy, spirituality, drugs, environment, hygiene, reproductive health and related topics.

The girls received health check ups at the camps, and more than 90 who require glasses will receive them, facilitated by the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon.

His Majesty granted the girls a copy of a special edition of the story of Lord Buddha, as well as soelra equivalent to the amount they would have earned if they had spent the month working on daily wages.

The Winter Youth Engagement Programme was organized upon the Command of His Majesty The King, to give girls from the eastern dzongkhags an opportunity to spend their winter holidays meaningfully, and help them gain various skills, self-confidence and a boost in their academics.

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