His Majesty with the families of the soldiers who lost their lives rescuing people stranded in the Mao Chhu on 21 July.

His Majesty confers medals and meets the family of the deceased soldiers

His Majesty The King conferred  the Drakpoi Khorlo Medal to Chuma Kinzang Dorji of the Royal Bhutan Army, and the National Order of Merit (Silver) to Anjan Rai and Tashi Wangchuk, both of whom are excavator operators. 

The Drakpoi Khorlo medal is awarded to military personnel and recognises heroism and bravery in service of the Tsawa Sum. Chuma Kinzang Dorji, along with 4 of his fellow soldiers, helped rescue 5 people who were stranded in the flash flood of Mao Chhu on the night of the 21st of July. He was the only member of the rescue team who survived. 

His Majesty The King conferred the Drakpoi Khorlo Medal to Chuma Kinzang Dorji on 23rd July.

His Majesty granted Audience to the families of the four deceased soldiers, at the RBA Wing IX in Pelrithang yesterday.

The families received the Drakpoi Khorlo Medal on behalf of the deceased. His Majesty conferrred the medals posthumously to Peljab Ugyen, Gopa Pema Wangdi, Chuma Dup Tshering, and Chuma Tandin Dorji for their extraordinary courage and their supreme sacrifice in the line of duty.

This morning, in Gelephu, His Majesty granted an Audience to all excavator operators involved in the rescue operations on 21 and 22 July, and thanked them for their service.

The recipients of the National Order of Merit, Anjan Rai was part of the operation to rescue five people from the Mao Chhu Water Treatment Plant, and Tashi Wangchuk helped in the rescue of four forestry officials and the caretaker of Mao Chhu Water Treatment Plant. Both individuals displayed great courage, and played an important part in saving the lives of the people who were rescued. 

The National Order of Merit recognises outstanding civilian contributions to the Tsawa Sum.

His Majesty The King arrived in the capital on Friday evening.

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