His Majesty graces Rinchen Terzoed Wang

His Majesty The King graced the Rinchen Terzoed Wang at the site of the Guru Nangsi Zilnon Statue in Takila, Lhuntse on 20th March.

The people offered Ku Sung Thukten Mendrel to His Majesty at the Guru Lhakhang within the statue. His Majesty offered prayers in the lhakhang, and granted an Audience to the thousands of devotees attending the Wang.

His Majesty granted a month-long tokha for over 4,000 devotees attending the Wang Daily.

His Majesty visited the Lhuntse Dzong this morning, and offered prayers. The ancestral home of Dungkar Choeje, from which the Royal Family is descended, is in Lhuntse.

The people of Lhuntse gathered at the Dzong site to offer Tshogchang to welcome their King.

His Majesty arrived at Lhuntse from Trashigang, meeting hundreds of people in every village along the way.

His Royal Highness Gyaltshab Jigme Dorji and the Prime Minister accompanied His Majesty The King.

The six-month long Rinchen Terzoed Wang which commenced on 17th February this year, is presided over by Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse, and organized by the Druk Odiyana Foundation, headed by Khenpo Karpo.

The Rinchen Terzoed Wang is a transmission of Spiritual Treasure Teachings, believed to be concealed by Guru Rinpoche for the benefit of future generations.

The Wang is attended daily by around 4000 people, with most residing in and around Takila, in temporary huts and tents. Lams, Truelkus and devotees from across Bhutan, as well as from India, Nepal, China, New Zealand and America, are attending the Wang.

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