His Majesty graces special 56th Batch Desuung training

His Majesty The King graced the Passing out Parade of the Pilot BMT 56th Batch Desuung training at Pelrithang, Gelephu on 16 June. 

The 56th batch De-suung training, which began in March this year, was developed as a special programme to pilot part of the Gyalsung training which all Bhutanese youths will receive beginning next year. 

It was designed to be as close to the Gyalsung training as possible, with the training centre close to one of the Gyalsung Academies, and taking place at the same time of year. 500 young men and women participated in the 3-and-a-half months training programme, which consisted of Basic Military Training, National Education, and Life Skills Development.  

Speaking at the Passing-out-Parade, His Majesty said that in the course of nation-building, we embark on some goals that can be achieved quickly, and others which span generations and millennia, fuelled by a sense of providence. 

His Majesty said that Bhutan’s uniqueness grew out of the efforts of multiple generations over a thousand or more years, and has shaped our identity as a nation. Such a legacy can only be built over time and with continuous effort, and the Desuung and Gyalsung programmes are part of our endeavour to reinforce our heritage. 

His Majesty thanked the young participants for choosing to volunteer their time for the programme, which represents the first steps towards Bhutan embarking on a new journey. 

“You helped our future generations take the first steps forward,” His Majesty said. 

After the programme, His Majesty visited the Gyalsung Academy site at Tareythang, Gelephu. 

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