His Majesty grants Nu 200mn for Wangdue Dzong reconstruction

Wangduephodrang Lam Neten receives Kasho from His Majesty granting funds for the reconstruction of Wangduephodrang Dzong. In the ante-chamber of the Holy Machen in Punakha Dzong, His Majesty offered the funds on behalf of the people of Bhutan.

His Majesty the King in a Royal Kasho issued from the sacred and inner reaches of the Punakha Dzong granted a total of Nu 200 million for the reconstruction of the Wangdue Dzong.

Of the total, Nu 100 mn is granted by His Majesty from the Armed Forces to the Zhung Dratshang. His Majesty also offered an additional Nu 100 mn from the Kidu Foundation. His Majesty in his Kasho stated that he granted these funds on behalf of the people of the 20 Dzongkhags.

The Kasho stated,   “On the 24th of June, the historic Wangdiphodrang Dzong was destroyed by fire. However, through the efforts of the armed forces, dzongkhag officials, De-suups and concerned citizens, we were able to retrieve our sacred relics. I am deeply grateful.

It is through the strength and faith of our people and the spirituality of our nation that these sacred ancient treasures remain with us, in spite of the tragic fire.

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, our people from all walks of life have strived, within each one’s means, to contribute towards fulfilling our fervent hope that the dzong may be urgently restored.

I am deeply touched and inspired by our people’s unity and nobility of purpose.

Therefore, I hereby grant Nu. 100 million from the Armed Forces to the Zhung Dratshang for the Dzong Reconstruction Fund.

In addition, I offer Nu. 100 million from the Kidu Foundation.

These funds I grant on behalf of our People of the 20 dzongkhags and together as one, my People and I, pray for the continued peace, prosperity and happiness of our beloved nation.”

Granted on the 13th of July 2012, Punakha Dzong


 -His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo.



His Majesty and Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen then offered prayers for the wellbeing and happiness of the People.

The Royal Kasho granting the funds towards the Druk Khamsum Wangdue Chhoekyi Phodrang Dzong (Wangduephodrang Dzong) Reconstruction Fund was issued on the 13th of July 2012 in the ante-chamber of the most-sacred Machen of the Puna Dewachen Phodrang.

The Kasho was granted to Lam Neten of Wangdue Phodrang rabdey in the presence of Dorji Lopen and Yangbi lopen of Zhung Dratshang, Home Minister Minjur Dorji, Chief Operations Officer Major General Batoo Tshering, Commandant of RBG Major General Dhendup Tshering, Officiating Chief of Police Colonel Tshewang Dhendup and Wangdue Dzongda Lhendup Wangchu.

Earlier this week on 9 and 10th July, His Majesty the King also granted Nu 5 million each to the communities of Takchu Gonpa and Yangto Gonpa in Haa and to the community of Pangbesa Lhakhang in Paro for the reconstruction of the three lhakhangs.

His Majesty reiterated the importance of these sacred sites for the peace and happiness of their communities and of the nation.  The funds and rebuilding activities will be administered by community leaders and religious heads of the Lhakhangs.

The Nu 200mn fund for the Wangdiphodrang Dzong reconstruction will go a long way in meeting the cost of building the Dzong.

With the government short of budget these funds will provide immediate assistance in starting crucial work in the construction of the Dzong.

His Majesty the King is the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces that are represented by the Royal Body Guards, Royal Bhutan Army and the Royal Bhutan Police.

The Kidu Foundation came about from the overwhelming response received in the form of donations both monetary and in kind to the Kidu Fund which was set up under the aegis of the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon to assist the victims of the natural disasters that hit the Kingdom in 2009. Donations from these individuals from within and outside Bhutan reached the neediest beneficiaries in every corner of Bhutan.

The Kidu Foundation aspires to effectively complement government efforts to address critical issues in areas of education, the rule of law, democracy and media, sustainable economic development, and preservation of the country’s environmental and cultural heritage.

The Foundation has played a very key role as a tool to deliver His Majesty the King’s Kidu to the various above areas from educating children from disadvantaged families to supporting the media among many other activities.

Kidu or wellbeing of the people is traditionally a Royal Prerogative and enshrined today in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan as a fundamental responsibility of His Majesty the King. In the history of the Bhutanese Monarchy, the Kings have reigned on the principle of service to the people. Beyond the duties of governance, Monarchs have always considered it their sacred duty to provide for the most vulnerable sections of society. Throughout the century, thousands of children, elderly, disabled and sick people have received and continue to receive personal care from their King.

The Wangdiphodrang Dzong had burnt down in a fire which started around evening on 24th June 2012. The personal intervention and supervision of His Majesty the King then had enabled the most sacred relics to be recovered intact.

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  1. it is wonderful to hear the Wangue Phodrang will be rebuild to former glory !

  2. Our king is the living buddha….

  3. Thank You King Druk Gyalpo and all those who added to the funds for the Spiritual Community . You are a wonderful example for this world. I know how important this is.

  4. Et le Bhoutan, le plus merveilleux des pays…

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