His Majesty has commanded that National Lockdown should be of minimum inconvenience to the people: Lyonchhen

The Prime Minister in two addresses to the nation Highlighted the concerns and commands of His Majesty The King over the COVID-19 outbreak and also the National Lockdown.

On the first day of the lockdown on 20th December the Prime Minister Dasho (Dr) Lotay Tshering said, “His Majesty is always concerned but is more concerned with today’s events. His Majesty is worried if the lockdown can only be restricted to Thimphu and His Majesty is concerned on how the virus came to Thimphu and how far it has spread.”

On 22nd December when the Prime Minister announced the national lockdown the Prime Minister outlined His Majesty’s commands and concerns over it and its impact on the people.

Lyonchhen said that His Majesty is very worried about the impact of a National Lockdown on the people but His Majesty said that if this is the only way to stop the virus short of a vaccine then the health experts’ views have to prevail over the lockdown.

He said that the National COVID-19 Taskforce had meetings for the whole day on the national lockdown and His Majesty arrived twice to share His Majesty’s views.

Lyonchhen said His Majesty has commanded that the lockdown should be of minimum inconvenience to the people, and the government will strive to work towards that.

The Prime Minister also said that based on His Majesty’s command the government will be doing thorough and mass testing.

He said His Majesty commanded that the government should solve the people’s issues during the lockdown and in areas where the government is not able then they should inform His Majesty for help.

According to the PM, His Majesty said that the Dzongdas are capable people selected from the best and are also His Majesty’s ambassadors in the Dzongkhags. His Majesty said that the Dzongdas should implement the lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading but also ensure that people’s welfare is taken care of.

“The Dzongdas have a special responsibility this time,” stressed the PM.

The PM reported that His Majesty commanded that the issues from the first lockdown from food for people to animals should be addressed.

His Majesty also expressed concerns about the state of the positive patients, their care, any social issues and their psychological state.

Lyonchhen said His Majesty is concerned about people identifying and calling the patients and family of positive cases and harassing them.

The PM said that His Majesty stated that Dzongdas should be aware of issues with the last lockdown caused among the public, in towns, farmers unable to harvest and animals attacking crops, trucks being stuck in Jaigaon for days and inability to get things from Kolkata to Phuentsholing.

He said His Majesty is worried about supply of vegetables to urban areas due to issues in the first lockdown and now about the export of oranges.

The PM said that the government will try its best to address the commands concerns and advice of His Majesty. He said the people should also work towards this.

Meanwhile, His Majesty sent gifts to the students who tested positive and were put in quarantine.

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