His Majesty in Sarpang

His Majesty The King visited Sarpang Town, where 81 shops and huts were damaged in a fire on Sunday, and met with the people.

His Majesty also granted a separate Audience to the heads of the affected families. His Majesty commended the government, armed forces, BIFA and Desuups for wholeheartedly assi sting the office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon in administering relief efforts immediately after the disaster.

His Majesty expressed deepest empathy for the affected people, who are from both Bhutan and across the border, for having lost so much.

“Having visited the shops many times over the years, I know who you are, what you do, and what your hopes, aspirations, and difficulties are. And so, I can comprehend very well the magnitude of what you have lost,” His Majesty said.

After granting them an opportunity to describe their needs and difficulties, His Majesty reassured the people that everything would be done to find ways to ease their troubles.

The affected families were granted Royal Semso.


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