His Majesty in Thrimshing

It was an especially auspicious day in Thrimshing, Trashigang, where His Majesty granted Audience and Tokha to over two thousand people from neighbouring villages, who had come to meet their King.

A flock of bja goed wheeled in the sky during the Audience, an occurrence believed to be a very good omen by the Bhutanese.

According to the Lam Neten of Trashigang, bja goed wheeling over a gathering or person is extraordinarily rare and propitious, and to have them flock during such a meeting between a King and His people portended great prosperity and good fortune.

His Majesty The King also visited the Thimshing Lhakhang, Tshangpo Lhankhang, and Tshangpo village.

Meanwhile, a mobile medical unit, which accompanied His Majesty›s Royal Entourage, conducted medical check-ups and surgeries in Thrimshing.

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