His Majesty visits Deesung

His Majesty the King granted an audience to the sixth batch of Desuups. 125 teachers underwent the Desuung Training from 21 January to 2 February.

His Majesty the King told the Desuups that the Desuung training programme was initiated as a result of repeated requests from graduates who wanted to serve the country in times of difficulty and spread the spirit of volunteerism to help one another in times of need.

“The name ‘Desuung’ was chosen because you are the Guardians of the Nation’s peace and wellbeing,” His Majesty said to the Desuups.

His Majesty told the Desuups that as teachers they must ensure that every single student who passed through their classroom was set on the right path to a bright future.

“Teaching is a duty you cannot fulfill unless you love your job truly.”

“I love my job, no matter where I am, no matter how I feel. I love every single moment, and I will never tire of it, even after having worked every single moment of my life,” His Majesty said.

“Teachers must be role models for their students, because children learn so much about life from their teachers. You must have knowledge, discipline, the right values, etiquette, composure, and most of all; you must be good human beings.”

His Majesty the King said that he had complete faith in our teachers- they are hardworking, and though there are so many difficulties, they have never let it hamper their commitment and dedication.

His Majesty also said teachers who join Desuung have the opportunity to transfer whatever they have learnt to their students, and to inspire them to join Desuung in future. They can instill in them a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the country and a desire to serve.

His Majesty urged the youth to participate in the upcoming elections.  Bhutan must ensure that the second elections are more successful than the first in 2008.

His Majesty said to the Desuups that we are lucky to belong to this country; to have been cared for by His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The manner in which democracy was introduced, the cohesion in our society, our culture and traditions- all these make our country indeed very special- but we must never take any of it for granted.

His Majesty said the problems that we see in other countries must never be ours – in some countries – people have lost faith in the system, there is voter apathy because politicians are perceived to be corrupt, with widespread nepotism, lack of good governance, and growing disparity.

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