His Majesty visits southern borders to review the security situation

16 July, 2012: His Majesty in Gelephu Town

His Majesty the King made an important visit to Gelephu and the southern border areas to review the security situation.
His Majesty arrived in Gelephu on the 14th of July.
On 15th July, His Majesty made detailed tours of all areas important to the security of the people. His Majesty visited army camps and the headquarters of Wing IX besides security installations and observation posts in Jigmeling, Bhur, Dekiling and Gawathang areas.
His Majesty also visited the site where an RBA soldier was killed in an ambush, and areas where similar incidents have taken place in the past. Royal commands were issued on ways to strengthen security and protect the civilians and soldiers on patrol. His Majesty returned in the late afternoon to Gelephu and granted audience to Dzongkhag administration staff and local government officials.
On 16th July, His Majesty visited Gelephu Hospital and interacted with medical staff and patients. His Majesty also visited Gelephu town and walked into every shop and commercial outlets. His Majesty interacted with shopkeepers and the general public.
On 17th July, His Majesty granted audience to the troops and officers, visited the family-line and met with the spouses separately.
On 18th July, His Majesty visited Gelephu Higher Secondary School while Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen visited a private day-care center.
His Majesty then traveled to Tsirang and granted audience to Dzongkhag administration and gewog officials. His Majesty and the Gyaltsuen also made a walking tour of Damphu town.
In both the Dzongkhags census kidu was granted to over 150 families. This has been a regular focus of His Majesty’s Kidu since 2006.
His Majesty the King returned to Thimphu on 19th July after reviewing the progress of retrieval of artifacts in Wangduephodrang Dzong.
After the recent incident of an RBA soldier being killed in an ambush there was some apprehension among local community members. Local residents who talked to The Bhutanese over the phone said that the visit of His Majesty has had a very reassuring and calming effect on the entire southern border areas.
Kuenga Tenzin a local resident of Gelephu said, “His Majesty the King’s visit has not only given us a golden opportunity to see the Royal couple in person but it has also given us reassurance and strength.”
A local civil servant said, “Besides boosting the morale of the security staff along our southern borders His Majesty’s visit will send a message to anyone who assumes that we can be intimidated with cowardly ambushes”.

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